Saturday, 22 October 2011



Would you like skulls? Cool, huh? I was wondering...kenapa la aku suka tengkorak-tengkorak ni sume. Then, i got the idea, why the hampeh i fell for all those skulls. The answer is Pirates of Carribean laa.. That moment when all those pirates raised the flags. Haha... Tengok banyak kali pun tak bosan.

Talking about proposal, very the sweet when Will Turner proposed Elizabeth Swann masa tengah perang. 

Dengan Barbossa as the intermediary for the marriage. 

Well, enough is enough. If aku takde idea. Can y'all forgive me? That is what actually happened. It's really hurt inside. But seriously, it seems i like to be hurt. 

[1:47:54 AM] muhamad  sofa: da wish ke belum
[1:47:57 AM] miss miss: dah
[1:48:05 AM] miss miss: dia reply thanx je
[1:48:06 AM] miss miss: hahaha
[1:48:15 AM] muhamad sofa: haha
[1:48:18 AM] muhamad sofa: ko reply balik x
[1:48:23 AM] miss miss: tak pn
[1:48:28 AM] miss miss: nak cakap apa lagi?
[1:48:30 AM] miss miss: kadang2
[1:48:45 AM] miss miss: sesetengah orang akan lebih bahagia tanpa kita di sisi
[1:48:54 AM] muhamad  sofa: hahaa

No, it is undescribable... 
sorry guys. I'm etc-ing. Did you know what it's mean?

E. T. C. = etcetera....or. End of Thinking Capacity...

I'm sorry...

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